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[META] (Solo)Travel doesn't fix life. Let's cut the bullshit.

Preamble: This is a bit of a ramble about state of the subreddit recently. Travel isn't a magic pill that you take to fix life. It doesn't make you a better person. It won't cure depression, make an introvert an extrovert, change your life, or make everything better. Traveling gives you those great opportunities to experience a new culture, meet new people, see those wondrous sights of the world... but it won't do those things for you. We've had quite a few posts about bad experiences while tr...

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Random book generator

So, let's begin with an answer to the question, why is this different to any 10000 books and or book/author generator. Well, the answer is quite simple: In this generator, the content of the book is generated randomly, as well, as the title, which means you can get more books out of it. Yes, some pairs might be a bit funny or quirky, but that's the risk with any generator of this sort. Anyways, without further adue, let's introduce our generator: To get your completely randomised book: 1. Go ...

Life skills essay | LearnEnglish Teens - British Council

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The Ultimate Guide on How a Sociopath Creates His Life Plan to Get Massive Results

IamGale here, the psych and marketing guy of TRP, and today I’m talking about you getting massive results. I recently wrote a post about “A Little Mistake that Cost My Best Friend 5 Years of His Life,” To be brief, the big mistake made was ghosting. Living life without a plan, and the saving grace was creating a plan that got big results. If you don't know where you're going in life. Or if you're not getting the results you want. Then this will be your solution for getting **massive** results....

Travelling for Fun | Giving tips and itineraries for ...

Travelling for Fun gives things to do, places to see and itineraries for places all over the world on and off the beaten path.

Warcraft Hero Lore as fast as possible - with links for further learning!

So, here's my attempt at this helpful write up for new players. Please note Warcraft lore is two decades and like 20 (+) books long, so... I had to make some SUPERCUTS and only included bits important to our HOTS characters, and it still came out very long. All links lead to Nobbel. Disclaimer : events are NOT neccesarily in chronological order. People aware of the lore of Warcraft will notice many missing pieces of story. I did not include anything not neccesariy to know a character. In the ...

Peer editing form for descriptive essay - Pat's TV

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Thank you sony

I am a 41 years old family man and have been playing computers my entire life. The PlayStation has been an electronic device that has given me and my family many hours of entertainment, stemming back from the ps one to what will soon be the ps4 pro. I have not once had any trouble with the sony PlayStation and i offer a round of applause for the best gaming equipment i have come to love. The PlayStation its self has become more than just a computer and is actually my entertainment package i turn...

Antony and the Johnsons news

August 6th, 2012: Antony and the Johnsons - CUT THE WORLD video Directed by Nabil, staring Willem Dafoe, Carice van Houten and Marina Abramovic.

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